StarDict for N800的测试安装包



/media/mmc1/dic /media/mmc1/stardict/dic
/media/mmc2/dic /media/mmc2/stardict/dic

注意,这个版本只能用于Nokia 800。使用770的朋友可以安装Li Zhao移植的命令行版的stardict - sdcv

2007-08-20 更新: 上面的目录写错了,已经修改。还有,树形词典要放在stardict/treedic目录下

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  1. Wolfg:
    stardict deb源码在maemo的SDK 环境下编译的版本是支持"屏幕取词"的 , 是否你在迁移时候的修改导致无法“屏幕取词” .

  2. 是我“想当然”地认为不支持”屏幕取词”,呵呵。


  3. hi, wolfg

    I patched your source, and it can work on 770 now.

    The problem is g_ntohl(*reinterpret_cast(p)) works in a strange way.

    So, I replace all g_ntohl to my_ntohl(p), which is:

    guint32 my_ntohl(const gchar *p)
    guint32 res = 0;
    for (int i =0; i

  4. Hi lizhao,

    Can you join the stardict project @garage? We can talk about this issue in the developer forum.

    The problem I faced is on 770 the library can't be found.

  5. 不好意思,我是StarDict新手,刚刚装了N800版本,把几个词典文件解压完毕放在/media/mmc1/dic目录中,StarDict启动后怎么找不到呢?Please help! Thanks!

  6. 非常抱歉!我把目录写错了!

    /media/mmc1/stardict/dic/stardict-DrEye4in1-2.4.2/ /media/mmc1/stardict/dic/stardict-DrEye4in1-2.4.2/DrEye4in1.idx

  7. Hi lizhao,

    The missing library on 770 are solved. I faced the same core dump problem as you. Have you got a solution for this memory leak problem? Can you explain it to me?

  8. Dear Wolfg,
    I have a problem to install the tar file into my n800 as follows: -
    (i) I had already installed the stardict;
    (ii) I downloaded the "stardict-DrEye4in1-2.4.2.tar" file (without unzip) and put it under the directory "/media/mmc1/stardict/dic";
    After call the stardict, it shows "no dictionary".
    I didn't know what's going on because I couldn't unzip the tar file by using winzip, etc and therefore I put the original tar file into the directory.
    Can you help me to solve the problem?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. 我是新手,下载字典后解压,在N800中没找到media目录,

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