These are old works.

  • - a python script to help Carbide.c++ Express to build multiple languages applications. (2006/6/5)
  • - a fixed and its patch file for working with bibtex2html-1.79.exe. (2006/6/29)
  • - a patch file for the FreeMindBrowser macro. The FreeMindBrowser is a MoinMoin macro that inserts the FreeMindBrowser applet into your wiki page. (2006/7/2)
  • - a MoinMoin processor for Google Scholar BibTeX entries. (2006/7/13) v0.5 (2006/7/20)
  • - a cgi script which convert rss feed in 'gb2312' to 'utf-8'. (2006/7/25)
  • ChinaUnix Forum Menu - a firefox extension to navigate (2006/12/15)
  • tictactoe-s60 - a tic-tac-toe game for S60, my first Symbian C++ program, hosted on Google Code. (2007/1/31)
  • autoprefix-s60 - a program can dial 12593 like number automatically for you. (2007/2/4)
  • WordPress plugin for IceRocket BlogTracker - Adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable IceRocket BlogTracker. (2007/3/22)

One Reply to “Programming”

  1. I'm guessing from the name and description that your autoprefix-s60 is what I need for my E90 (running S60v3). Is there any chance I could talk you into updating the application for S60v3?



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